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Alexa Home Value Report
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HOMES FOR SALE NEAR ME is a group of experienced Real Estate Professionals coming together to Educate & Empower Home Buyers & Sellers.

With over 100+ Years of Real Estate and Real Estate Coaching experience, this group is uniquely qualified, to assist Consumers when they need it most. The Home Buying & Selling process, though more transparent today than ever before, is still the single largest transaction most people will make in their life. Yet, the landscape of True Real Estate Professionals, has been slowly deteriorating over the years.

Most Real Estate Professionals have little or no understanding of today’s Online Marketing landscape and struggle to provide the information Consumers covet. Our Team is comprised of Men and Women who have been in touch with today’s ever changing Internet Marketing space for over a decade.

Reach out to us today and let us guide you through the forest of mediocrity at 949-267-3777 or email us at

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