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Why the Belmont Heights Area of Long Beach is a Great Place to Live – Direct from a Belmont Heights Resident

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No Real Estate Agent could possibly explain what it is like living in Long Beach CA better than the residents of Long Beach CA. That’s why The Coastal Team at Keller Williams Pacific Estates Realty is bringing you this series …

… from our friends at Long Beach Living on YouTube comes over 50 video interviews, by our very own Real Estate Coach, of genuine Long Beach Residents talking about their favorite city . We have also provided you with a transcript below for your convenience.

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Please Enjoy … From The Coastal Team

Coach: Hi, We’re here with Roberto today and, Roberto, you live in which community of long beach? Roberto: Belmont Heights.

Coach: Belmont Heights! Okay, so now the sixty-four thousand dollar question, not to date myself, is: What makes Belmont Heights so great?

Roberto: Well it’s very close to the beach. I bike all the time on the beach. There a lot of places to come down. There’s a lot of shops there, a lot of places to eat. Um, it’s a very safe place to walk at night. At about ten o’ clock you have nothing to worry about, and uh, everything is very centrical, and, uh, I really enjoy it very much.

Coach: Did I hear a little Midwestern accent in there?

Roberto: Nah, I’m from Tuscon Arizona.

Coach: That’s not even close to the Midwest.

Roberto: I know!

Coach: Next time you gotta make me look good and say “”Yes! Exactly! I know where that is!””

Roberto: Okay.

Coach: What types of things, in the Heights, make it a very safe place to live? Because you did mention that.

Roberto: Um, the people…

Coach: Mm hmm.

Roberto: The surroundings. The… the police are very nice to us down here. There’s no problems at all, and um, it’s just a very nice community to live in.

Coach: Now there’s a chance that you could win one-hundred dollars, or maybe even twelve-thousand dollars.

Roberto: Okay.

Coach: If I give you that one-hundred dollar gift card right now…

Roberto: Yes?

Coach: Where would you spend it?

Roberto: Probably at O’ Sole Mio, at the shoe store, and my friend has a store here called Five-thousand and one.

Coach: Five thousand an one, so give it a plug for your friend. What kind of store is it?

Roberto: It’s got a lot of tchotchkes, a lot of nice little goodies, and uh furniture, and uh Just tchotchkes for your home.

Coach: Is it on second street?

Roberto: Yes. It’s right next to Jamba Juice.

Coach: All right. Ricado thank you very much…


Coach: Roberto! Oh, did I say Roberto? No I said Ric- whatever it is! It’s Roberto?

Roberto: Roberto.

Coach: Please don’t… please don’t hit me.

Roberto: I won’t, I promise!

Coach: All right, thank you very much

Roberto: Thank you.

Coach: Take care.

The Coach

Call 562-888-0404 for more information about Buying or Selling Homes, Houses, and Real Estate in Southern CA, Long Beach CA. and Orange County CA

  1. 2 beds, 2 full baths
    Home size: 968 sq ft
    Lot size: 19,855 sqft
  2. 4 beds, 3 full baths
    Home size: 2,013 sq ft
    Lot size: 3,252 sqft
  3. 1 bed, 1 full bath
    Home size: 680 sq ft
    Lot size: 6,262 sqft

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