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Alexa Home Value Report
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Why Buying a Home in the Belmont Shore Community of Long Beach Could be Life Changing – Direct from a Belmont Shore Resident

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No Real Estate Agent could possibly explain what it is like living in Long Beach CA better than the residents of Long Beach CA. That’s why The Coastal Team at Keller Williams Pacific Estates Realty is bringing you this series …

… from our friends at Long Beach Living on YouTube comes over 50 video interviews, by our very own Real Estate Coach, of genuine Long Beach Residents talking about their favorite city . We have also provided you with a transcript below for your convenience.

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Please Enjoy … From The Coastal Team

Coach: Hey everybody and as you can see from this young lady’s face we are at the Chocolate Festival in Belmont Shore and I’m here with Julia, Julia how are you?

Julia: I’m really good

Coach: Julia what neighbor hood do you live in in Long Beach?

Julia: I live Belmont Shore

Coach:Belmont Shore? So You’re right here close by! That’s great, where do you go to school?

Julia: Lolo Bayside Academy

Coach:Do you love live living in Belmont Shore?

Julia: Yes

Coach:Tell me why.

Julia: We get to live right by the beach, it’s really fun because we can practically see the beach from our house and we can walk there?

Coach: Do you go to the beach all the time?

Julia: Not really but we can pull our kayak and we can go kayaking me and my mom.

Coach: You go Kayaking?

Julia: Yeah.

Coach: Do you like that?

Julia: Yeah.

Coach: What else do you do?

Julia: We can…

Coach: do you come down to second street every once in a while and go shopping?

Julia: yeah

Coach:What do you buy?

Julia: I’ll probably be down here again to get my mom a Valentines present.

Coach: You’re going to get your mom a Valentines present on second street?

Julia: Yeah

Coach: Ok she’s not listening right now, Mom close your ears, what are you going to get her?

Julia: I usually go to the bath and body shop and get her lotion.

Coach: The body shop and get her lotion, that’s great, that’s so nice of you to do that for her. If I gave you a hundred dollars right now and you got to spend it anywhere on second street, what shop or store would you spend it in?

Julia: Probably for me Powell’s.

Coach: Powell’s? and for those of you that don’t know Powell’s is the candy store, Right?

Julia: Right.

Coach: That’s awesome, thanks Julia! Thank You for talking to us, I really appreciate it. Long Beach is lucky to have you.

Julia: Thank You.

Coach: Say Bye to everybody.

Julia: Bye.

The Coastal Team

Call 562-888-0404 for more information about Buying or Selling Homes, Houses, and Real Estate in Southern CA, Long Beach CA. and Orange County CA

  1. 4 beds, 1 full, 2 three-quarter, 1 half baths
    Home size: 2,368 sq ft
    Lot size: 2,320 sqft
  2. 4 beds, 4 full baths
    Home size: 3,705 sq ft
    Lot size: 2,253 sqft
  3. 4 beds, 3 full baths
    Home size: 3,050 sq ft
    Lot size: 3,179 sqft

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