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Why Buy a House in Long Beach – South of Conant? Listen to a Resident on “Living in Long Beach CA”

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No Real Estate Agent could possibly explain what it is like living in Long Beach CA better than the residents of Long Beach CA. That’s why The Coastal Team at Keller Williams Pacific Estates Realty is bringing you this series …


… from our friends at Long Beach Living on YouTube comes over 50 video interviews, by our very own Real Estate Coach, of genuine Long Beach Residents talking about their favorite city . We have also provided you with a transcript below for your convenience.

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Please Enjoy … From The Coastal Team

Interviewer: All right, we’re here with Tom, another shy guy, from Long Beach. Tom, what community are you from?

Tom: In Long Beach, South of Conant.

Interviewer: The south of Conant community.

Tom: And I’ve been there my entire life.

Interviewer: All 22 years?

Tom: A little more than that. I’m the most unique Southern Californian you’re ever going to run across.

Interviewer: Because you’ve lived there the whole time?

Tom: Yeah. Born in Long Beach, raised in Long Beach, educated in Long Beach. I’ve moved once in my entire life, one mile from where I grew up in Long Beach, and they’re both South of Conant. And I’m 55. And I’ve worked downtown for 10 years.

Interviewer: Then you have a lot to say about why South of Conant, your area, is the best place to live in all the United States. Tell people what that is.

Tom: It’s reminiscent of Iowa by the Sea, and nobody has a clue what I’m talking about.

Interviewer: I know what that is.

Tom: Very good!

Interviewer: I know what “”Iowa by the Sea”” means. Tell them what it means.

Tom: It’s middle America, because they came to the West Coast with the Iowa farmers back in the ’20s and ’30s. It’s a bedroom community. We know our neighbors. I know everybody on the block. You can go up to a door and say “”Hi”” to somebody and they won’t bite your head off. Everybody’s friendly and we like each other.

Interviewer: Iowa by the Sea. You can look that up in Wikipedia, by the way. It’s just a fascinating story about why they called the area “”Iowa by the Sea.””

Tom: I used to go to Recreation Park for the Iowa by the Sea picnics. They’ve been going on for almost 85 years.

Interviewer: You’ve been going there for how long?

Tom: That was a good whack. I’m not quite as old as you are.

Interviewer: Tom, taking a shot at the host. That’s not going to do you good. What else do you have to say about Long Beach in general, Tom?

Tom: It’s eclectic, it’s fun. You can do anything you want in Long Beach. You’ve got everything.

Interviewer: Anything?

Tom: Anything.

Interviewer: Oh my God.

Tom: McDonnell’s a buddy of mine. You know, the police chief.

Interviewer: If I get in trouble because I do anything?

Tom: Don’t say you knew me, though.

Interviewer: OK. You heard it here first, folks. I’m not going to get in trouble. Chief McDonnell, I swear I didn’t do it.

Tom: You’ve got to be shy to live in the city. Just like me and What’s-His-Name over here.

Interviewer: Thanks, I really appreciate that, Tom. Tom, it was more than a pleasure speaking with you. Thanks for sharing.

Tom: Absolutely. Good luck.

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