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Hi my name is Eric Bryant, also known as “The Real Estate Coach”. I am a part of The Coastal Team of Keller Williams Pacific Estates as it’s Director of Marketing and Internet Services.

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In my younger days I was part of a tradition of Restaurateurs in The Northern CA Bay Area. My family has owned and operated restaurants since the mid 1950’s, and have been largely successful, by building on some very basic principals:

1) Provide Excellent Customer Service

2) Always use, and Serve, High Quality Food Items

3) Pay Close Attention to BOTH, The Front of the House and The Kitchen. To Assure Your Philosophies are being Adhered to.

4) Treat Your Employees Like Family

I, as my family taught me, believe that by following this simple guideline, you will be successful in business and in life itself.

Now the Why? I wanted to start writing these reviews… Far too often I am being disappointing by the businesses I frequent. Many of which have been “recommended” to me, either by a friend or through Social Media.

I have realized, through my own life, as a recent implant to Newport Beach and having come from The Belmont Shore area of Long Beach, that Local Businesses are an important part of the experience in your neighborhood. This makes them important to why you choose that neighborhood, which in turn makes a difference in choosing a Home! If we are helping people with the latter, then providing this type of information is another way of helping our Clients, and those who find our Blog, Facebook Page, ect …

So .. look through these pages as you consider your choice of where to live … Enjoy and remember, these are the opinion of one man, and you are free to give these business a try and come to your own conclusion =) And if you do, please stop back by the Blog, and comment on the post about that business. We would love your opinion too!

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The Coach

The Coastal team – Keller Williams Pacific Estates